Investigations of school threats in Wayne County lead to charges against 7 minors

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Wayne County’s prosecutor, Kym Worthy has issued charges against seven young people in connection with threat investigations at the school. Six of the cases concerned alleged threats of violence against a school, and one of the cases concerned the possession of a weapon in the school. If convicted, a judge will … Read more

Whale building to be covered in temporary mural by Detroit artist, with mixed reactions

Iconic whale mural in Downtown Detroit gets a makeover make over. The Whale Wall, more commonly known as the Wyland or the Whale Wall, will soon be covered with another mural – but it will not be painted over. DETROITT (FOX 2) – The Broderick Tower in Detroit is getting a makeover. The Whale Wall, … Read more

What experts say may have caused a mysterious fireball that lit up the sky in Metro Detroit

DETROIT – A big, mysterious fireball lit up the sky early Wednesday morning in Michigan, the Midwest and even Canada. Was it a meteor as we saw a few years ago in Metro Detroit? Experts think not. The fireball was spotted around 12:45 PM on Wednesday (October 20), so many people missed it. But it … Read more