Solomon Islands Province Prime Minister Daniel Suidani says Australian intervention ‘not useful’

Solomon Islands’ most populous province, the source of anti-government protesters who turned up in the capital Honiara last week, is unhappy, Australia sent in police and soldiers at the request of the Pacific nation’s prime minister. Key points: Malaita Province’s Prime Minister Daniel Suidani says Australia is helping to support “corrupt leadership” Protesters from Mr … Read more

What powers and immunities will Australian forces have while stationed in the Solomon Islands?

Australia puts troops on the ground in the Solomon Islands after violent protests broke out in the Pacific nation. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said Australian federal police and defense forces are there to provide “security and stability” but not to interfere in the country’s internal affairs. A bilateral security treaty between the two countries … Read more

Taliban: India fears Taliban fall in Kashmir | India News

SRINANGAR: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week presented his Taliban concerns to world leaders, the army carried out raids and fought against Kashmir militants, which he fears could be reinforced by the Islamists’ victory in Afghanistan. Kashmir insurgency attacks on civilians and police, attacks by security forces on terrorist hideouts and insurgency infiltrations across … Read more