Tennessee parents, teachers push back against ‘Mouse’ removal

ATHENS, Tenn. (AP) – Growing up in rural eastern Tennessee, James Cockrum had not given much thought to the possibility that one day he might find himself speaking about his Jewish heritage in front of a packed school board meeting. But four days after news broke that the McMinn County school board unanimously voted to … Read more

Olympic skeleton athlete from Ukraine displays ‘no war’ sign

BEIJING (AP) — A Ukrainian skeleton athlete ended his third run at the Beijing Olympics on Friday night by revealing a small sign to the cameras urging peace in his homeland. The message from Vladyslav Heraskevych read: “No War in Ukraine.” The sign was printed on a blue-and-yellow piece of paper, matching the colors of … Read more

Artists Stop-Motion Video Of Making Waffle Goes Viral; Heres Why People Are In Awe

Art has no bounds; once the creative juice starts to flow, the result is not only enigmatic but also awe-inspiring! Art can be anything and everything, it can be the murals you see on the walls of your streets and it can also be the food on your plate. It is the creative expression of … Read more