China Fortifies Its Borders With a ‘Southern Great Wall,’ Citing Covid-19

An extensive buildup of barriers along China’s 3,000-mile southern border is under way, according to public documents, official statements and interviews with residents, ostensibly to battle Covid-19 but with likely long-lasting ramifications on trade and travel. The small Chinese city of Ruili, in the far south next to Myanmar, has seen a major construction project … Read more

Biden Sanctions Plan Targets Russian Banks, Companies and Imports If Ukraine Is Attacked

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is narrowing its targets for a barrage of economic sanctions against Russia if it attacks Ukraine — hitting major Russian banks, state companies and needed imports, though the strategy faces obstacles that have hindered previous pressure campaigns. Administration officials said the planned actions are being finalized and are unparalleled in … Read more

The EU strikes back at China across trade borders and takes on Lithuania Fight Global

BRUSSELS – The European Union hit back at China’s targeting one of the bloc’s smallest members over its ties to Taiwan, opening a new front in the global struggle over Beijing’s use of economic pressure to advance political goals. The EU said on Thursday it had launched a case against China at the World Trade … Read more