Parents warned about syndrome that cuts off babies’ circulation

This is toe curls. A Missouri mom warns new parents to be vigilant after a lock of hair wrapped around her 5-month-old’s toe acted like a tourniquet, cutting off circulation for days. Sara Ward, 33, told South West News Service that baby Logan could have lost the little pig after the incident late last month. … Read more

New book claims to have the cure for burnout recovery

If you feel like burnout is everywhere you look these days, you’re not just imagining things. Headlines evoke everything from ‘job burnout’ to ‘COVID burnout’. And while the word is certainly overused, the phenomenon it describes is real. “In the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that our mental health would suffer almost as … Read more

Man with pneumonia ‘hears God’ as he hallucinates on antibiotics

A case of pneumonia prompted a man to “hear God” after tripping over antibiotics in a rare case of antibiomania, a state of psychosis from taking the usual remedy. A recently published case study appearing in the journal BMC Psychiatry reported symptoms of a 50-year-old man with a bacterial respiratory infection that required antibiotics. However, … Read more