Season 2, Episode 6, “A Thousand Little Trees Of Blood”

Colman Domingo stars in Euphoriaphoto† Eddy Chen/HBO “Stand Still Like The Hummingbird” was practically a perfect episode of television—stripped down and focused on Rue. In its beginning and end, “A Thousand Little Trees Of Blood,” is similarly satisfying, but the episode is saddled with a frustrating middle section. As the hour begins, we find Rue … Read more

The Righteous Gemstones recap: Season 2, Episode 7

Adam Devine, Danny McBride, and Edi Patterson star in The Righteous Gemstonesphoto† Ryan Green/HBO When I was 19 and enrolled at Moraine Valley Community College, I took a philosophy class for which one of the required texts was a book titled Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… And It’s All Small Stuff† Chalk it up to … Read more

Saddle up for the first spooky trailer for Jordan Peele’s Nope

The trailer for Jordan Peele’s next feature film has finally touched down (come on, it’s Super Bowl Sunday after all). After giving a tiny preview of the film earlier last week, the director has shared the first full trailer for nopestarring Steven YeunDaniel Kaluuya, and Keke Palmer† For the first chunk, the trailer focuses on … Read more