‘The Sopranos’ siblings steal Super Bowl commercial glory

Chevy has set social media alight with a Super Bowl ad that sees “The Sopranos” siblings reunite for the first time in almost 15 years. Actors Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 40, and Robert Iler, 36, reprized their roles as Meadow and AJ Soprano in the 60-second commercial, which aired during the second quarter of Sunday evening’s game. … Read more

All of the Super Bowl 2022 Trailers in One Place

The Super Bowl has always been known for its incredible commercials (and sometimes its actual football), but studios have really been stepping up the trailer game over the past decade or two. Some of the biggest movies and TV shows every year get advertised during the big game. Studios and streaming services sometimes wait to … Read more

Seth Rogen Asks Paul Rudd Why Super Bowl Ads Have Teasers

Paul “Sexiest Man Alive” Rudd is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan, so Super Bowl Sunday, February 13, promises to be an eventful day for him. Patrick Mahomes & Co. are seven-point favorites to beat the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend and play in The Big Game, as brands are required by law to say, against … Read more