Boris Johnson to ‘restore a smaller state’ as part of No 10 ‘reset’, says Steve Barclay

Boris Johnson’s government will take “a step back from people’s lives” as it seeks to “restore a smaller state” in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister’s new chief of staff has said. Pledging to “make the center of government work like the best-run companies”, Steve Barclay said a priority of Mr Johnson’s … Read more

Woman fights to claim father’s painting of young Sean Connery from art college

Mrs Kendall spotted a photograph of the painting in the pages of The Telegraph and resolved to reclaim it on behalf of her family. “I feel it’s only right. The college’s position seems to be that since they ended up with the painting, it’s theirs. But my father would have remembered if he had sold … Read more

Van Gogh loses part of his straw hat when gallery discovers self-portrait torn by collector

dr. Karen Serres, curator at the Courtauld, told the Telegraph: “The work was never loaned out, but it managed to get it. They never tried a good study. “If you think about it, people come to see Van Gogh – it’s ‘checkout’, so it stays on the wall for people to see. But then you … Read more