These Are The Worst Automotive Product Placements In Film

Can we talk about how Star Wars was just a huge shill for Incom and their X-Wing model. And I really hope they got paid for their Corrrellian Eng. Corp hero-mobile, because that was just money on the table there. Listen, it wasn’t cheap to move all that filming equipment all the way to a … Read more

Season 1, Episode 10, “Seeing The Light”

Sarah Jessica Parkerphoto: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max Well friends, we’ve finally reached the end of this 10-episode journey through the updated lives of Carrie and Co. Things have been so bleak and fairly uneventful on this show that I don’t know if I had high hopes for the finale, but it would have been nice to … Read more

And Just Like That… we’ve got a Miranda Hobbes problem

Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon star in And Just Like That…photo: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max Near the end of last year, I binged all of Peacock’s wonderful Saved By The Bell revival in the span of a day or two. It was everything I never knew I wanted from a TV reboot—a show that expanded the … Read more