Jumping spiders appear to have a cognitive ability previously only found in vertebrates

Tiny little jumping spiders, with their beautiful eyes, seem to be able to do something we’d only seen in vertebrates: distinguish between living and inanimate objects. In a new test, wild jumping spiders (Menemerus semilimbatus) behaved differently when presented with simulated objects of both species, in a way that indicated an ability to distinguish between … Read more

Spider leaves man with flesh-eating wound that won’t heal

That bites. A British man realized every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare after an alleged spider bite left him with a horrific, flesh-eating wound that wouldn’t heal. “I can’t stand spiders,” Carl Jones told SWNS of the horrific saga, which began in January after the Bucks resident noticed a mysterious blister on his biceps, the Daily Star … Read more

Who would win in a fight?

Scorpions and tarantulas are two ancient arachnids that have roamed the Earth for hundreds of millions of years – even before the time of the dinosaurs. And the question of who would win in a fight has been the subject of countless YouTube videos, online forums, and even research papers. Well, with over 900 species … Read more