Cream cheese shortages in NYC cause headaches for bagel shops

Photo: Simon McGill (Getty Images) As a Chicagoan, I can sometimes get annoyed at New York City’s undisputed supremacy. (I invite you to it read my thoughts on bodegas here.) But there’s at least one thing that New York certainly does better than any other American city, and that is bagels. So you can understand … Read more

LA luxury mall is the latest to be hit by smash-and-grab thieves

LOS ANGELES – A group of twenty smashed windows in a department store in a luxury shopping mall in Los Angeles, which triggered a police chase just days after exclusive stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area were attacked. The latest incident in a national trend of smash-and-grab crimes targeting a Nordstrom JWN, -1.21% shop … Read more

New York City Hotel Business gets a little boost from the holiday season

New York City hoteliers have been hoping for a big boost by the end of the year for their business as international tourists begin to return during a traditionally busy time of year. But early indicators suggest limited holiday cheer for the city’s besieged hospitality sector. .