Tech giants’ latest moves, regulatory action

Citizens try out a virtual reality experience at the opening of Cheonan Qianshu Shopping mall, Shanghai, China, On December 22, 2021. Virtual reality is a key part of the concept of the metaverse. Xing Yun | Costfoto | Future Publishing | Getty Images Imagine this: the metaverse with Chinese characteristics. That’s how the virtual world … Read more

Brussels braces for ‘freedom convoy’ protesting coronavirus restrictions – POLITICO

Protesters from across the European Union are expected to descend on Brussels Monday to object to government COVID-19 policies, including the widespread rollout of vaccines and mask mandates, despite efforts by Belgian authorities to stop the demonstration from throttling the city. The so-called “European freedom convoy” mimics similar anti-coronavirus protests that have taken root in … Read more

Eric Adams urges social media to ban ‘drill’ rap videos for promoting violence

Mayor Eric Adams on Friday urged social media firms to ban “drill” rap videos that glorify and promote violence. The mayor’s plea came a day after he gave an emotional speech about the life and death of 18-year-old drill rapper Jayquan McKenley, aka Chii Wvttz, who was gunned down in Bedford-Stuyvesant last Sunday. Adams said … Read more