Flooded, disused coal mines could change how our homes are heated

LONDON – The ramifications of the Industrial Revolution, which had its roots in 18th-century Britain, were huge. Britain’s abundance of coal – as well as the ease with which it could be accessed – was a crucial ingredient in this historical turning point, powering the steam engines which helped drive society’s transformation. But things have … Read more

Woman fights to claim father’s painting of young Sean Connery from art college

Mrs Kendall spotted a photograph of the painting in the pages of The Telegraph and resolved to reclaim it on behalf of her family. “I feel it’s only right. The college’s position seems to be that since they ended up with the painting, it’s theirs. But my father would have remembered if he had sold … Read more

CHVRCHES – Performance & Interview (Live on KEXP at Home) – KEXP

CHVRCHES – Performance & Interview (Live on KEXP at Home)KEXP †