Epic Games Store is giving away its best game yet for Christmas

The Epic Games Store has released another game today for its ongoing 15-day holiday promotion, but the latest title available in the store right now is probably the best we’ve seen yet. In particular, the game in question that is now free is Prey, the 2017 first-person action-adventure title from Arkane and Bethesda. And while … Read more

Shadow Of The Colossus Tribute Praey For The Gods Out Now

Image: Pray for the gods It was all the way back in 2015 which i first wrote about a game called Prey for the gods, an indie tribute to Shadow of the Colossus. Six years later, with a name change underway, the game is now out. This is what it looked like then: As you … Read more

This Rare Alien Squid Was Captured On Film During A Deep Sea Dive

The delicate oceanic depths are not exactly inviting for terrestrial creatures. In addition to the lack of light to see through and air to breathe, the weight of all the water above creates crushing pressure. But this lightless part of the world teems with life of its own; life that has evolved to thrive in … Read more