Mysterious radio signals from distant stars suggest the presence of hidden planets

Astronomers have discovered a collection of stars that do something unexpected. Within 160 light-years of the solar system, four red dwarf stars, which should be silent on radio observations, have been caught emitting radio signals. According to an analysis of these signals, the best explanation for this activity is the presence of invisible exoplanets. It … Read more

Archibald winner Nora Heysen was devastated by men telling her she painted ‘the wrong way’

For International Girl’s Day, the ABC’s Fierce Girls podcast revisits the story of Nora Heysen, the first woman to win the Archibald Prize. When she started her painting career, Nora Heysen was constantly undermined by the criticism of men. Some of them were Heysen’s teachers, author Anne Louise Willoughby told the National Library of Australia … Read more

Toronto spends nearly $ 2 million on clearing homeless camps at Trinity Bellwoods, Alexandra Park and Lamport Stadium

The city spent nearly $ 2 million removing homeless people from three large camps in parks this summer, cleaning up trash and erecting fences, according to a new report released Friday. The report describes the final costs of enforcing infringement notices for people pitching tents at Trinity Bellwoods Park, Alexandra Park and Lamport Stadium. The … Read more