Scientists infect people with Covid-19 in first ‘human challenge’

Image: BSIP/UIG (Getty Images) The first results of a British trial in which people were deliberately exposed to the coronavirus are finally here. Among other things, the study found that people who contracted the infection became symptomatic within two days and remained contagious for more than a week. None of the volunteers became seriously ill, … Read more

Man chopped off penis due to cannabis-related psychosis: doctors

Photo: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY via AP Images (AP) A man in Thailand’s bong session went disastrously wrong, according to his doctors. In a new case report, they describe how he “completely amputated his penis” with scissors, apparently as a result of a rare episode of cannabis-induced psychosis. Although the man’s delusional symptoms faded after he … Read more

Two new drugs worsen the overdose crisis

Proponents of safe injection sites gather in front of the James A Byrne Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia to show their support for evidence-based harm reduction policies, in a photo taken September 5, 2019.Photo: Cory Clark/NurPhoto (Getty Images) Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week suggests that two recently resurfaced drugs are … Read more