When to stop investing in the stock market? Wild price swings are shaking the resolve of some: Is it time to bail out of equities and bonds?

Is it time to bail out of stocks and bonds? This isn’t the market that investors likely signed up for back in 2021 when shares in GameStop Corp. GME, +4.69% and movie chain AMC Entertainment Holdings AMC, +3.72% were headed to the moon, drawing in droves investing neophytes. The meme-stock frenzy, the one underpinned by … Read more

What to expect from markets in the next six weeks, before the Federal Reserve revamps its easy-money stance

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell fired a warning shot across Wall Street last week, telling investors the time has come for financial markets to stand on their own feet, while he works to tame inflation. The policy update last Wednesday laid the ground work for the first benchmark interest rate hike since 2018, probably in … Read more

Nasdaq Composite ends 3.1% higher as Friday wipes out unsavory weekly stock losses

US stocks ended on a decidedly higher note Friday, posting sharp gains in a final swing higher in the last hour of trading, helping to erase sharp weekly declines and record multi-week loss streaks across all major benchmarks. What did stock benchmarks do? The S&P 500 SPX index rose 2.4% to 4,431.85, finishing significantly higher … Read more