War, peace, stalemate? Week ahead may decide Ukraine’s fate

WASHINGTON (AP) – Even if a Russian invasion of Ukraine does not happen in the next few days, the crisis is reaching a critical inflection point with European stability and the future of East-West relations hanging in the balance. A convergence of events over the coming week could determine whether the stalemate is resolved peacefully … Read more

UK’s Johnson cites ‘a dangerous moment’ in Ukraine crisis

MOSCOW (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday the Ukraine crisis has grown into “the most dangerous moment” for Europe in decades, while his top diplomat held icy talks with her Moscow counterpart who said the Kremlin will not accept lectures from the West. Amid the deadlock, Russian forces held sweeping maneuvers north … Read more

Macron: Putin told him Russia will not escalate Ukraine crisis

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin told him he would not further escalate the Ukraine crisis in their marathon talks in the Kremlin a day earlier. Macron’s remarks on a visit to Kyiv came after the Kremlin denied reports that he and Putin struck a deal … Read more