Features, leaked images and more

Photo: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Android Auto has been rumored to be getting a massive overhaul for months, but now we know what Google’s car navigation system will look like. first sunpocketed back Septemberthe new version of Android Auto is codenamed “Coolwalk” and can now be accessed with a little tinkering and patience. AndroidWorldan Italiann android site, … Read more

14 ways to extend your iPhone’s battery life

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak If you don’t like the Optimal Battery Charging feature, or charging your phone outside of your usual routine, you can go the manual route. As we mentioned above, one of the best things you can do to extend the battery life of your iPhone (reduce degradation) is to charge it no more … Read more

How do you know which apps can see your private iPhone data

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak Every year, Apple releases new features that both improve data privacy on the iPhone and set a new benchmark for the industry as a whole. iOS 15 is all about transparency. iOS 15.2 brings a new feature called App Privacy Report that provides a visual, easy-to-read report of all the ways an … Read more