Slippery Sunday morning, then not as cold

DETROIT – Welcome to Sunday, Motown. We have another frigid start, and this time we have a few snowflakes from overnight and early this morning. This afternoon will not be as cold, but we will still need our coats. It will be dry, a little clearer and colder tonight. On Monday, we will have some … Read more

Storms cause strong winds and rain

DETROIT – Happy Friday! A major storm moving through our country will arrive here in Metro Detroit tonight. Until then, it will mostly be a milder and warmer day than we have seen all week. Temperatures begin in the mid and upper 30s with a fairly light breeze when you go out this morning. The … Read more

Metro Detroit Weather: Accumulating afternoon snowfall ahead

DETROIT – Welcome to Saturday, Motown. We are in the middle of a cold period this holiday weekend that will bring snow before it is over. Saturday morning it will be mostly cloudy and very cold. Temperatures begin in the teens and make the 20. Wind chills will sometimes be single digits. It is important … Read more