Slippery Sunday morning, then not as cold

DETROIT – Welcome to Sunday, Motown. We have another frigid start, and this time we have a few snowflakes from overnight and early this morning. This afternoon will not be as cold, but we will still need our coats. It will be dry, a little clearer and colder tonight. On Monday, we will have some … Read more

Isolated tornadoes, possibly harmful winds

Partly Cloudy icon

DETROIT – We detect a serious storm threat in southeastern Michigan on Wednesday and Thursday with the possibility of isolated tornadoes, strong winds, hail and rain showers. Here’s what you need to know from Local4Caster Brandon Roux: The sky will be partly sunny to partly cloudy later today, with altitudes near 90 ° F feeling … Read more

More rain is moving today; flood advice

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DETROIT – Long Friday morning! I have two good news today. First, many of us did not get soaked thunderstorms Thursday afternoon. A line of storms formed just south of the state line, and it acted as a de facto “wall” that prevented some moisture from penetrating north into our area, which in turn significantly … Read more