“Maybe people just don’t care”

Seth Rogenphoto† Tommaso Boddic †Getty Images† Now, stoners are known for their apathy at times (and sure, he’s not known for his decorum at awards ceremonies to start with), but we sense Seth Rogen is not high when he suggests that most people simply “just don’t care” too much about the Oscars. While discussing a … Read more

Oscars Won’t Require Covid-19 Vaccination for Attendees in LA

Academy Awards crew member Mike Morrisroe cleans an Oscar statue design on the red carpet at Union Station, for last year’s Academy Awards on April 24, 2021, in Los Angeles.Photo: Chris Pizzello / AFP (Getty Images) The Academy Awards, which are scheduled for March 27 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, will not require … Read more

A Common Over-The-Counter Drug Could Treat Long COVID, Case Study Reports

Two patients with long COVID in California have almost completely alleviated their symptoms by taking daily antihistamines, according to a newly published case report. While the evidence is anecdotal, the remarkable results aren’t without precedent, and the authors hope the stories they have detailed can give patients hope and point researchers in the right direction … Read more