cold shower in cdm. Discos and school, what changes – Time

With the Quirinale game closed, the government returns to the scene with two resignations from the Council of Ministers to expand Covid measures and introduce new rules. The first appointment of the week on Monday 31 January, where a legislative decree will be adopted to standardize, among other things, the anti-covid rules for primary and … Read more

Woman filming herself getting antimasked for staff at the Toronto grocery store

While it’s usually a quick-thinking spectator who manages to pull out their phone and film a good old public freakout – which has felt more common lately due to public health rules – it is sometimes the perpetrator himself who thinks it makes sense to film their dramatic publicity. interaction with the belief that they … Read more

17 thrown out for mask break at the Raptors match in Scotiabank Arena

The Raptors saw a slight increase in the number of fans thrown out of the Scotiabank Arena because they had not had their mask properly on Tuesday, their second home game under provincial guidelines requiring a reduced capacity in the building. There were 17 fans who were ousted, according to figures compiled by the building … Read more