Via le mascherine to’aperto, i virologi fanno festa. Maria Giovanna Maglie li fa a fettine: “Cialtroni” – Il Tempo

The Italians from February 11 will be able to carry the machine to the port, although it will always carry a port with it in the case of assemblies. The Minister of Salute, Roberto Speranza, has signed the ordinance that revokes the obligation of mascherine al chiuso almeno “fino al 31 marzo 2022”, data in … Read more

liberate the Italians, hope in the crosshairs – Libero Quotidiano

Is Omicron 2 more contagious than Omicron 1? It looks like this: This is confirmed by the data from Denmark, where this mutation seems to have taken over. He talked about it Matteo Bassetti, head of the infection clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, on his Instagram page. The expert pointed out that the … Read more

The reduction in quarantine for those receiving the third dose is being investigated. Today the meeting Cts – Chronicle

A document addressed to the CTS will be sent by the regions containing a series of requests for handling self-isolation, requesting that the quarantine be canceled for persons who have vaccination coverage, especially those with a third dose brought out.. The desired changes – depending on the experience of sources who have prepared the document … Read more