in the procession the “undulating movement” – Il Tempo

“Wave motion, wave motion, wave motion”. In Turin, the irony is triggered by the no-green pass event against Luciana Lamorgese. The interior minister has now become a joke after her words in the hall about the “wave power” that was uttered in the information about the events of October 9 with the assault of Forza … Read more

Open Arms: trial in Palermo with Salvini at the start – Chronicle

The hearing of the trial against Senator Matteo Salvini accused, before the Second Chamber of the Court, of kidnapping and omitting official documents for in August 2019 having prevented 147 migrants rescued at sea by the NGO Open Arms ship docking at the port of Lampedusa. The indictment is represented in the courtroom by Palermo … Read more

“Wave power”? Never seen the Minister like that, watch this video – Libero Quotidiano

He certainly could not avoid a service on Luciana Lamorgese and “wave power” Remove the news. The satirical news about Antonio Ricci has in fact broadcast part of the consultation of the Home Secretary on the management of public order with all the teasing and memes that have made the internet insane. Here the video … Read more

“When a higher order arrived, there was an agreement with No green pass” – Libero Quotidiano

From the office Non √® arenena at La7, lawyer Carlo Taormina launches the attack on Luciana Lamorgese for what happened last Saturday in Rome, with attacks on the CGIL headquarters by dozens of No Green pass protesters. Taormina is legal for Forza Nuova leaders, accused by investigators of organizing the violent protest. “Castellino, like Fiore … Read more

“Unforgivable mud. Do you realize what you’re saying?” – Free daily

Harsh accusations, those made in the courtroom by Giorgia Meloni against Luciana Lamorgese. All during Question Time about the clashes last Saturday in Rome with the attack on CGIL’s headquarters. The FdI leader actually spoke of a “tension strategy” and an attack “deliberately allowed”. And in fact, there are many, too many elements testifying against … Read more

“Very serious admission of clashes in Rome, immediate resignation” – Libero Quotidiano

About Luciana Lamorgese, the perfect storm. First in the classroom, then outside, with Giorgia Meloni and the brothers in Italy, again calling for his resignation after Question Time about the clashes last Saturday in Rome, where the interior minister’s restraint and lack of response were many, too many. She limited herself to talking about the … Read more

attack on CGIL, did he know everything? – Free daily

Process a Luciana Lamorgese it was broadcast on the evening of Monday, October 11 in Fourth Republic, where Nicola Porro showed Rete4 viewers several videos demonstrating howsiege of CGIL had been deliberated and announced more than an hour in advance. Everyone knew that Giuliano Castellino, leader of Forza Nuova handcuffed, he allegedly led the protesters … Read more

“Very serious, establish his responsibility” – Libero Quotidiano

“Around very serious statements dividends from Deputy Commissioner Schilir√≤ During the no-wax demonstration last night (September 25) in Rome, I personally follow the story of the Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini, so that has been foundwith absolute speed responsibility from any legally relevant profile to that person. The Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, talks … Read more

The Lamorgs? Embarrassing, now he has to resign. Here’s Giorgia Meloni’s Wrath – Time

Embarrassing information in the parliament from the Minister of the Interior about the case of megarave in August in the Viterbo area. And here on social networks, Meloni’s anger explodes. “Lamorgee’s words confirmed what we already knew – Meloni wrote on Facebook – the Draghi government has bowed to illegality and allowed for days and … Read more

Rimini, Luciana Lamorgese: "It can happen anywhere". League Fury: "Disturbing", "total incompetence" –

Rimini, Luciana Lamorgese: “It could have happened anywhere”. League Fury: “Disturbing”, “Total Incompetence” “It could have happened anywhere”. Storm on Stinging Rimini, Lamorgese: “It is not terrorism” | Interrogation postponed: there are no interpretersTGCOM Stinging Rimini, Lamorgese: “It was an episode that could have happened anywhere …Corriere della Sera Stinging Rimini: Melons, now replace … Read more