Australia policy live news: government faces net zero ‘plan’ fallout; Covid vaccine booster shot approved; travel abroad for the fully vaccinated | Australia news

And here is the official release on the TGA approval (Atagi Council is still coming): The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved a booster dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 18 years of age and older. The TGA approval means that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been found safe and effective to increase … Read more

Australia politics live: Victoria records 1,749 Covid cases, NSW 273; Scott Morrison in final net zero talk with Nationals | Australia news

Victoria will not open international borders – the Commonwealth will open international borders. And the Prime Minister made that point very clear recently, but I really want us to have a national cabinet meeting and get everyone on the same page and as best we can have a consistent quarantine process, a consistent set of … Read more

Australia’s Politics Live: Victoria Records 1,749 Covid Cases, NSW 273; Morrison in last zero negotiations with nationals | Australia news

Ready for more climates? Because you want to hear a lot about it today. Again. Despite being one of the governing parties for the last eight years and being heavily involved in the climate policy wars, the citizens of Barnaby Joyce, have apparently never before considered a goal for zero in 2050. All we heard … Read more

Australian politics live: Barnaby Joyce says nationals ‘not chained to a script’ at zero | Australia news

I do not hope. We do not suggest that. Many times – I have been through them all – the single desk debate, the ETS debate, the Telstra debate – well, I was not there for the weapons debate, but we all remember that. And you know, it’s a trial period, and we think what … Read more

Doctors accuse Sajid Javid of being ‘free’ after canceling speeches by a doctor

CLaudia Webbe, the former Labor MP, has been warned that she faces a possible prison sentence after being convicted of harassment over a series of threatening phone calls she made to a former boyfriend of her partner. Webbe, now self-employed for Leicester East, was found guilty of the charge after a court heard how she … Read more

Australia Covid News live update: federal cabinet to debate net zero targets; NSW, Victoria and ACT vaccination rates rise | Australia news

22.17 BST 22:17 Nick’s Xenophon Gets New Confidence Against Federal Politics Former senator Nick Xenophon seeking to return to federal politics after a more than four-year absence, reports Andrew Brown from AAP. The South Australian powerbroker plans to run as an independent for the upper house in the upcoming election. He told ABC radio this … Read more

Australia Covid News live update: Victoria records 1,466 cases, eight deaths; 360 cases, five deaths in NSW prior to announcement of recovery package – The Guardian Australia

Australia Covid News live update: Victoria records 1,466 cases, eight deaths; 360 cases, five deaths in NSW prior to notification of recovery packageThe Guardian Australia .

Half-worn house offers rare options

It may be half-worn and lacks the roof at the back, but this inner western home offers buyers a rare option that is nearly impossible to find. A half-worn inner west house with missing walls, cracked floors and no roof in sections has come up for sale. Located on a valuable 517 sqm Annandale package, … Read more

WP questions the speed with which foreign interference was made, saying the public should have been heard

Society and the judicial system have allowed for a “relatively high” burden of proof for allegations and accusations, “which at least requires a relatively high probability that a result or event is true,” said Associate Professor Lim. Singapore also has “well-understood” complaint channels to make it possible to overturn rulings that subsequently turn out to … Read more

Politics latest news: Furlough ends as Rishi Sunak unveils new cost-of-living subsidy scheme

WWhen the rise to Universal Credit ceased next week, just as the cost of living appears to be rising, it was clear the government needed to act. A U-turn at the last minute would have been politically difficult, which would have allowed opposition MPs (once again) to point out that ministers are pulling their heels … Read more