Jeep allegedly involved in Toronto collision which left man seriously injured located – Toronto

Police say officers have located a Jeep allegedly involved in a collision in Toronto which left a man with serious injuries. In a press release issued Wednesday, Toronto police said on Feb. 3, just before 5 pm, officers responded to a collision in the Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue area. Officers said a dark-colored four-door … Read more

These Are The Worst Automotive Product Placements In Film

Can we talk about how Star Wars was just a huge shill for Incom and their X-Wing model. And I really hope they got paid for their Corrrellian Eng. Corp hero-mobile, because that was just money on the table there. Listen, it wasn’t cheap to move all that filming equipment all the way to a … Read more

Forza Horizon 5 Is Full Of Jeeps After Fans Discover Cash

Image: Forza Horizon 5 wonder why Forza Horizon 5s marketplace is suddenly full of shitty old jeeps while there’s a whole world of fast and expensive sports cars? The MB JEEP 1945, also known as Willys, is a new vehicle included in the game because despite the poor racing stats, sometimes it’s just fun to … Read more