Exclusive: Myanmar army defector records heavy losses inflicted by Chin rebels

Myanmar army defector describes fierce battle with rebels He spoke to Reuters having crossed to India with wife and child Documents seen by Reuters add to evidence of growing rebellion Myanmar military calls the resistance an ‘armed insurrection’ It says it has security situation largely under control Feb 11 (Reuters) – A Myanmar army officer … Read more

For fear of the junta, hundreds of Myanmar parents deny dissident children

February 7 (Reuters) – Every day for the past three months, an average of six or seven families in Myanmar have posted ads in the country’s state-owned newspapers, severing ties with sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren who have publicly opposed ruling military junta. The decrees began to appear in such numbers in November after … Read more

Coups cheered in West Africa as Islamist uprisings undermine faith in democracy

The coup enjoys support from home, while civilian rule falters Many people in West Africa feel overlooked by political leaders Widespread Islamist violence leaves millions in need The West fears that military takeovers could further destabilize the region OUAGADOUGOU, Feb. 1 (Reuters) – The last time rebel soldiers attempted to overthrow the Burkina Faso government … Read more