The Quickest, Easiest Foods to Eat for Long-Lasting Energy

photo† Michelle Lee Photography †Shutterstock† When you’re exhausted, it can feel almost impossible to pay attention to nutrition. As hard as it can be, though, the foods we eat play an important role in helping maintain our energy levels. “When you’re tired, your body craves sugary carbs such as desserts and processed snacks, since eating … Read more

15 Smarter Ways You Should Be Using Baking Soda

photo† Sunny Forest †Shutterstock† Remember that person who had a crush on you for years—who hung out right there, by your side, close but not stalking, quietly waiting to be noticed while you messed around with flashier, trendier versions of the real deal? Whoonce wisened by adulthood, did you look back on and think, “Huh. … Read more

Looking for Those Free N95 Masks? Good Luck If You Live in New York City.

Text size Employees work as they make respiratory masks in a family-owned medical equipment factory in north Miami. Chandan Khanna / AFP via Getty Images The federal government started distributing free N95 masks in pharmacies, grocery stores, and community health centers across the country last week. But if you live in New York City, you … Read more