Doctors develop new prostate cancer test that could prevent thousands of unnecessary treatments

New test that can spot which prostate cancers are most deadly could save thousands of men from unnecessary treatment Currently, 20,000 men a year have unnecessary prostate cancer interventions The new method lets doctors identify dangerous, fast-growing prostate tumors A proportion of prostate tumors grow slowly and may never cause problems Tumour’s aggressiveness is related … Read more

Germany looks to loosen stricter COVID-19 measures | News | DW

Germany is planning a gradual relaxation of coronavirus measures in the coming weeks, with the relaxation planned in three steps. National and state leaders are set to discuss the opening up plan on Wednesday, as the country sees a slight decline in new coronavirus infection rates. What rules would be relaxed? Initially, private meetings with … Read more

Obligatory vaccine for laboratories over 50 dal 15 febbraio: le sanzioni

If so,allegation of anti-Covid misconductthanks to the virus that feeds on its corsa, with the curve of contagi and dei discoveri in discesa (qui gli ultimi dati Iss). Merito dei vaccini, which finally led to a relatively “pacific” conviction with Covid. But the government will not have indie marcia on the rule of labor: Draghi … Read more