Bandai Namco Races To Prevent Dark Souls Hacks In Elden Ring

Image† FromSoftware / Bandai Namco All PC versions of the dark souls games will remain offline for the foreseeable future, according to a new tweet from series publisher Bandai Namco, in order to fix at least one major security vulnerability. Further, the developers are working to ensure that the same serious vulnerability does not persist … Read more

13 Minutes of Bloodborne PSX Gameplay – Bloodborne Demake – IGN

13 Minutes of Bloodborne PSX Gameplay – Bloodborne DemakeIGN Bloodborne is finally on PC thanks to a cool PSX demakeThe Verge Bloodborne’s PS1 demake is out, so you can time travel back to 1995polygon Fan-Made Demake of ‘Bloodborne’ Now AvailableBloody Disgusting Bloodborne’s PS1 Demake is Now AvailableIGN View Full Coverage on Google News .