Alexandra Bircken on fashion, club culture and body language

Alexandra Bircken often compares her work to skin. For her, it’s a membrane between internal and external; it’s what protects us, what makes us permeable and what functions as the canvas we dress and exhibit to the world. It seems logical, then, that the German artist began a career working with the second skin of … Read more

Concept Art Shows How Disney+ Continues to Neglect Core Fans

Since the start of this year, Disney has made several big moves to roll-out a broader range of films and shows on Disney+ US – which has lagged behind essentially every other nation in receiving general entertainment titles. This week, popular video game/action comedy Free Guy arrives on Disney+ US Last week, with no advance … Read more

Dissecting the design language of New York label Khaite

Dissecting the design language of New York label Khaite As Khaite presents its A / W 2022 show during New York Fashion Week, we speak to founder Cate Holstein about the importance of physical connection ‘We’re craving deeply sensory, in-person experiences,’ says Khaite founder Cate Holstein of a portfolio of new physical shopping spaces. When, … Read more