Gold medalist Tara Lipinski describes the pressure on teen Olympians

Women’s figure skating at the Olympics has long been dominated by teenagers. At the past two Winter Games in Sochi and Pyeongchang, the gold medal was won by 15-year-olds. And Russia’s 15-year-old Kamila Valiyeva is the favorite to win this year. Calling the competition will be NBC Sports figure skating analyst Tara Lipinski, who herself … Read more

Most sought after Winter Olympics in every U.S. state

Nothing brings the world together like the Olympics. Or, at least in the United States, a single sport at the Winter Olympics. There are 91 different national federations participating in 15 different sports at this year’s Winter Doctor in Beijing, China. And according to a recent Google trend analysis conducted by travel fringe research firm … Read more

You could get paid to sit back and watch Super Bowl LVI — here’s how

Do you think you can watch football better than anyone else? You could actually get paid over $2,000 for doing just that during Super Bowl LVI – with just one catch. Sports betting website The Game Day is offering a potential one-day “dream job” for one NFL super fan who could earn up to $2,022 … Read more