prepare to be dazzled by James McAvoy’s powder-keg portrayal

Do not mention the nose. That’s the warning offered to anyone in the vicinity of Cyrano de Bergerac, who, in James McAvoy’s fiercely charismatic portrayal, is a powder keg of a man: one quip about his legendarily large proboscis and he’s apt to explode. But, crucially, in director Jamie Lloyd’s radically revamped version of Edmond … Read more

Michael Jackson, Prince, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg lead the way – The Athletic

For an entertainer who agrees to perform at the Super Bowl, they understand they are working against the clock — the sets are 15 minutes. They also know they will be seen by more people at one event than ever in their careers and are competing against multi-million-dollar commercials to be the talk of the … Read more

vivid portrait of the old-school Tory who reinvented art

Characteristically, Constable declined the invitation to go to Paris. “Think of the lovely valleys mid the peaceful farm houses of Suffolk, forming a scene of exhibition to amuse the gay and frivolous Parisians,” he mused. And besides, “I cannot speak a word of the language, and above all I love England and my own home.” … Read more