Netflix Orders Docuseries on the Bonnie and Clyde of Crypto

Illustration† Olivier Douliery / AFP †Getty Images† The news of one of the biggest money laundering schemes in history captivated the world on Tuesday, not so much because of the crime—which involved $4.5 billion in bitcoin and is, yeah, a big deal†but rather because of the couple accused of carrying it out. they are the … Read more

Justice Department Says It Seized $ 3.6 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Stolen in 2016 Hack

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department said Tuesday it seized over $ 3.6 billion worth of digital currency stolen during a hack of a cryptocurrency exchange and arrested two suspects for allegedly trying to launder the proceeds. The value of the cryptocurrency at the time it was seized last week marks the largest financial seizure ever … Read more

Ubisoft’s Rabbids Join NFT Blockchain Game, Welcome To Hell

If NFTs are a scam—and they are, I’m just going through the rhetorical motions in building a sentence here—then The Sandbox is one of the biggest engines driving them in the video game space. So it makes perfect sense that it’s the location for Ubisoft’s next foray into the world of all this bullshit† If … Read more