Rico Nasty Refuses To Credit Twitter Artist After Reposting Their Work

Rico went off on her fans. As creatives have begun to use social media and the internet to boost their careers and notoriety, they have been met at a crossroads of their work being used without their consent. While many feel that artists and photographers should be credited for their work that is posted, others … Read more

Justice Department Says It Seized $ 3.6 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Stolen in 2016 Hack

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department said Tuesday it seized over $ 3.6 billion worth of digital currency stolen during a hack of a cryptocurrency exchange and arrested two suspects for allegedly trying to launder the proceeds. The value of the cryptocurrency at the time it was seized last week marks the largest financial seizure ever … Read more

Biden Sanctions Plan Targets Russian Banks, Companies and Imports If Ukraine Is Attacked

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is narrowing its targets for a barrage of economic sanctions against Russia if it attacks Ukraine — hitting major Russian banks, state companies and needed imports, though the strategy faces obstacles that have hindered previous pressure campaigns. Administration officials said the planned actions are being finalized and are unparalleled in … Read more