Season 2, Episode 6, “A Thousand Little Trees Of Blood”

Colman Domingo stars in Euphoriaphoto† Eddy Chen/HBO “Stand Still Like The Hummingbird” was practically a perfect episode of television—stripped down and focused on Rue. In its beginning and end, “A Thousand Little Trees Of Blood,” is similarly satisfying, but the episode is saddled with a frustrating middle section. As the hour begins, we find Rue … Read more

Marvel Releases Doctor Strange 2 Trailer at Super Bowl LVI

Image† Marvel Studios now that Spider Man: No Way Home has properly set up the dominoes, with some help from WandaVision and Loki† it’s time for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to knock them all down. As is the case with just about every year, Marvel released a new trailer during the Super … Read more

How to Pretend to Like Someone You Hate, According to Professional Actors

photo† Tiko Aramyan †Shutterstock† Although there’s no rule saying that we have to like everyone we encounter, if it’s someone we have to deal with on a semi-regular basis—like a co-worker, relative, or a friend’s partner—we are expected to be at least civil towards them. This is the case even if we really dislike them, … Read more