Omicron’s Threat to Global Economy Increasingly Runs Through China

The direct economic harm caused by the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in highly vaccinated countries appears so far to be relatively modest and short-lived, but its indirect hit could prove significant if China resorts to repeated lockdowns in its effort to suppress the virus within its borders. Omicron led to a fresh surge in infections … Read more

China’s Forever War Against Covid-19

People wait in line for Covid tests in Beijing, Jan. 25. photo: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images It’s been two years almost exactly since my first Covid column. Looking back, the first two paragraphs largely exhausted a horse that I would flog to death in dozens of columns since. First, thanks to the underreported prevalence of mild … Read more

Wrong Pronoun, in My Book

Feb. 4, 2022 6:07 pm ET In Meghan Cox Gurdon’s column “And a Few Shall Have Prizes” (Children’s Books, Jan. 29), she writes, “There’s been gushing, for instance, that Kyle Lukoff’s novel ‘Too Bright to See,’ about a trans middle-school child with they/them pronouns, won a Newbery Honor.” At no point in “Too Bright To … Read more