Stephanie Beatriz speaks "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" First impression, "charm" And Other Firsts – BuzzFeed Celeb

Stephanie Beatriz Talks “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” First Impressions, “Encanto” And Other FirstsBuzzFeed Celebrity .

What Parents Need to Know About Eating Disorder Content on Social Media

From the earliest Internet forums to the current TikTok feeds of millions of teens, there has always been an active, influential online culture of “pro” eating disorder “advice” (also referred to as pro-ana or pro-ED content). These online communities are as nuanced as the people who visit them, filled with messages that range from malicious … Read more

Meta removes ad targeting categories considered sensitive

Photo: Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP) (Getty Images) It’s getting harder to target certain groups on Facebook. That is a good thing for society. Not so much for advertisers. On Tuesday, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced that from January 19, 2022, it would remove detailed targeting options that are “related to topics that people … Read more

Twitter Engages Meg Stalter To Make You Pay For Twitter Blue

Meg Stalter in Twitter Blue adScreenshot: Twitter Hey, are you wasting all your time on Twitter scrolling through bad takes, memes and bad news? Would you be willing to pay to use a platform that is already free – which frankly you should be paid for because it causes so much trouble? And should you … Read more

The cast of Marvel’s "Eternals" Plays Who’s Who – BuzzFeed Celeb

The cast of Marvel’s “Eternals” plays Who’s WhoBuzzFeed Celebrity Salma Hayek felt like the mother on the set of ‘Eternals’The Washington Post Cast ‘Eternals’ Share Their Favorite Set Memories | Around the table | Weekly entertainmentWeekly entertainment ‘Eternals’ hits theaters Friday – it’s Marvel’s most diverse group of superheroesWPVI TV “I ventured into Thanus…” The … Read more

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin read Tessa and Hardin Thirst tweets – BuzzFeed Celeb

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin Read Tessa and Hardin Thirst TweetsBuzzFeed Celebrity Josephine Langford on After We Fell and the Cliffhanger EndingsCollider “After We Fell” stars Josephine Langford and hero Fiennes Tiffin Read your thirsty tweetsBuzzFeed “After We Fell” stars Josephine Langford, hero Fiennes Tiffin on sequel, growth and lessons learnedTeen Vogue It’s Time … Read more

Parking in New York City One of the wilder things

Photo: AP (AP) In New York City, if you own a car and you park that car, it is your responsibility not to be too precious over it. Your car gets naked or someone will take up more space than they need or you will forget to move your car and get a ticket which … Read more