Barkly Square: Two shoppers allegedly stabbed in the supermarket in Brunswick

Two customers have been taken to hospital after an alleged stabbing in a supermarket in the suburb of Melbourne. Two men have been taken to hospital after being allegedly stabbed in a suburban shopping center in the inner north of Melbourne. Scared shoppers were sent second to cover just after 8 a.m. Monday when a … Read more

Sydney property has basement with glass and epic theater

With a glass-walled wine cellar, an epic swimming pool and an eight-car garage, it’s not surprising that this 2.63-hectare property in Sydney’s Northwest is tipping to fetch a massive sale price. Situated on 2.63 acres of land in Sydney’s southwest, this Dural farm marks all the boxes for buyers looking to live a life of … Read more

Petrol prices: Fuel jumps to record highs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Sydney has broken an unwanted overnight record with petrol prices and worse is expected to come over the next few days. Sydneysiders have come out of the lockdown, but newfound freedoms have come at higher costs, with gasoline prices rising to all-time highs. Sydney broke an unwanted milestone on Monday with its average price for … Read more

Kevin Rudd appears in cupid video with pot in mouth

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has offered to play amor for a woman in Brisbane in a video with a pot in her mouth posted on TikTok. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has offered to play amor for a woman in Brisbane in a video with a pot in her mouth urging a male suitor … Read more

Sydney’s Bubzi Co scores Woolies deals with baby nasal aspirator

Together with her husband, the woman has built a brand that brought in $ 6 million last year, and now they have now scored their first supermarket deal. High school boyfriends Angela and Elijah Kim have raised $ 26 million since starting their baby business back in 2016, but are “ecstatic” to finally have an … Read more

Record in house prices in Kew: Spectacular ‘adventurous’ mansions must raise the bar

Two notable Italian properties with massive price tags are set to become Kew’s most expensive homes, with a jaw-dropping cushion priced to raise the record by $ 5 million. Step inside. Not one, but two spectacular Italian-style mansions are tipped to beat Kew’s home price record. A six-bedroom “adventure” house on 292 Cotham Rd has … Read more

Hopes of missing eight-year-old Fernhook Falls in WA come to a tragic end

The hectic search for an eight-year-old boy who disappeared under the harsh conditions at Fernhook Falls in WA has ended. The search for a missing boy at Fernhook Falls in Western Australia has come to a tragic end, with police confirming that they have found the eight-year-old’s body. The boy was last seen leaving his … Read more

Victorian Homebuyer Fund explained: Toorak gets nods but popular regional sites omitted

Elite suburbs like Toorak are eligible for a new state housing price initiative, but many popular regional locations are out. Here’s what you need to know about the Victorian Homebuyer Fund. The Victorian Homebuyer Fund will be available in Melbourne’s richest suburbs, where few homes can be purchased under its $ 950,000 ceiling, but iconic … Read more

Inflation fears for Australia as US interest rates hit 5.4 per cent

The Aussie, who is coming off the lockdown, has another obstacle approaching as a worrying 10-year high grip on the US and abroad. The pandemic may be almost over, but shortages and price increases are coming this way. Consumer prices in America are rising the fastest they have in ten years, and Aussies may have … Read more