These Are The Worst Automotive Product Placements In Film

Can we talk about how Star Wars was just a huge shill for Incom and their X-Wing model. And I really hope they got paid for their Corrrellian Eng. Corp hero-mobile, because that was just money on the table there. Listen, it wasn’t cheap to move all that filming equipment all the way to a … Read more

The Mercedes EQS gets an EPA rating of 350 miles of range

Photo: Mercedes The Mercedes EQS is a car that starts at $102,310 here in the US, and one that has a WLPT range of 478 miles, that’s what they use in Europe. However, in the US, the range is EPA tested and usually results in a lower number. For the EQS, that’s 350 miles. that … Read more

Toyota is finally almost all-in on electric

Photo: Toyota Toyota is spending billions on batteries, VW is confident it will have billions too, and Lotus. All that and more in the morning shift before September 7, 2021. 1st gear: Toyota spends nearly $14 billion on batteries The world’s largest automaker has oddly been hesitant about EVs, despite coming out of the electrification … Read more