Russian Buildup Near Ukraine Features Potent Weapons Systems, Well-Trained Troops

Russia’s enormous military buildup near Ukraine features some of its most potent weapon systems and provides the Kremlin with the means to attack Ukrainian forces from multiple directions, which likely would overstretch their defenses. In its buildup, which has quickened in recent weeks, Russia has positioned forces on three sides of Ukraine: in Belarus, western … Read more

US Debates Whether a New Iran Deal Merits the Risks

Prospects for a new but diminished Iran nuclear deal are increasing, prompting debate in Washington about whether an agreement merits the compromises involved. Fitful negotiations on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal resumed in Vienna on Tuesday, with US and Iranian officials saying an agreement could be within reach. US officials are eyeing late February as … Read more

US-Led Air Bridge of Weapons to Ukraine Seeks to Shore Up Kyiv’s Ability to Resist Russia

KYIV, Ukraine — The US and an informal coalition of several NATO countries are operating an air bridge to ship military aid to Ukraine, flying in the weapons and ammunition that Kyiv has requested to mitigate a decided Russian military edge and deter a possible invasion. Eight US cargo airplanes have landed in Kyiv since … Read more