When to stop investing in the stock market? Wild price swings are shaking the resolve of some: Is it time to bail out of equities and bonds?

Is it time to bail out of stocks and bonds? This isn’t the market that investors likely signed up for back in 2021 when shares in GameStop Corp. GME, +4.69% and movie chain AMC Entertainment Holdings AMC, +3.72% were headed to the moon, drawing in droves investing neophytes. The meme-stock frenzy, the one underpinned by … Read more

Opinion: ‘Spider-Man’ pulls AMC stock 19% higher, while poop emoji tweet has little effect on GameStop

The only thing people did more than see the new “Spider-Man” movie on Thursday and Friday was get a positive COVID test result, but retail investors remained focused on the former and will worry about the latter next week. .. evidently. In response to a big Thursday dip and some early morning boffo box office … Read more

Google’s 2021 Year in Search: AMC and GME Stocks, Dogecoin and Stimulus Checks

If 2020 was the year people turned to Google to ask ‘why’ as the world went through a pandemic, extreme weather events and a global race reckoning, then 2021 seems to have been the year people looked for ways to find their ‘why’. ” in proactive ‘How to’s’ as they progressed to healing. Of which: … Read more