Many vendors selling to Ottawa lack policies to prevent child labor, the report shows

OTTAWA – A federally commissioned report looking at suppliers who sold billions of dollars in goods to the government found that the vast majority lacked appropriate policies to prevent human and labor rights risks in their supply chains. The report recommends several ways in which the government can work with suppliers to avoid complicity in … Read more

34% of Orange County has become neighborhoods of millions – Orange County Register

The home-buying binge of the pandemic era turned 34% of Orange County into multimillion-dollar neighborhoods, while nearly wiping out “affordable” communities. My trusty spreadsheet, filled with September homebuying statistics from DQNews/CoreLogic for 83 Orange County zip codes, showed how home prices have changed over the past two years for “expensive” zip codes (median selling prices … Read more

CNN’s Jake Tapper Echos McAuliffe’s Misleading ‘Book Bans’ Talking Point

CNN’s Jake Tapper reiterated misleading topics of conversation promoted by the campaign of Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe on a segment of his daytime show on Tuesday. Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe’s Republican opponent, recently ran an ad indicting McAuliffe for vetoing a bill that would require schools to notify parents when teaching materials containing sexually … Read more