Here’s how media from around the world describe Justin Trudeau’s election victory

As ballot papers are still being counted across the country on Tuesday morning, here’s how media from around the world told the story of Canada’s recent general election – a pandemic vote that brought Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back to power.

New York Times: Trudeau is expected to remain prime minister but lacks a majority

“In August, when his approval ratings were high, Mr Trudeau called for a ‘snap election’, which called voters to the ballot box two years before he had to. The goal, he said, was to achieve a strong mandate for his Liberal Party to lead the nation out of the pandemic and into recovery.

But many Canadians suspected that his true ambitions were merely political opportunism, and that he was trying to regain the parliamentary majority that the Liberals had until they lost seats in the 2019 election.

Whatever his motive, it did not work. ”

Financial Times: Justin Trudeau re-elected Canadian Prime Minister but fails to win majority

“The election result will raise questions about O’Toole’s future, despite Trudeau’s failure to significantly expand his mandate. The opposition leader promised to expand the party’s appeal on the grounds of ‘compassionate’ conservatism, which protects the environment, recognizes the contribution of immigrants and respects the rights of minority groups.

But O’Toole’s liberal social and economic policies have created pollution among some in the conservative base. The party will have to decide whether to adopt policies and platforms that falter against the Canadian progressive consensus or appeal to its social-conservative wing and dissatisfied voters who were dissatisfied with its election platform. ”

BBC: Trudeau remains in power but lacks a majority

“After a 35-day race, voters have spoken. And they have crucially chosen to stick to the status quo.

Following Canada’s most expensive federal election in history, the election card is largely unchanged. ”

The guardian: Election result in Canada: Trudeau wins third term after early voting

“The prime minister played by calling an election in August in the hope that the government’s pandemic response could increase his party’s power in parliament.

But rival parties quickly called for mistakes, accusing the prime minister of carrying out a ‘vanity project’ during a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Opposition leader O’Toole called the election a “quick grab” after conceding defeat early on Tuesday. “

CNN: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims victory in Canada election, but falls short to form majority government

Trudeau convened the quick election in mid-August, nearly two years into his minority government, and bet he could take advantage of his handling of the pandemic to win a majority.

But once favorable polls for Trudeau and his Liberals quickly turned the course, with the conservative O’Toole party fighting its way into a statistical result, according to national surveys over the past few days.

Covid-19, climate change, affordable housing, and gun control have all proved to be major problems for voters — but a headache for Trudeau is getting Canadians to see the need for this choice. A political expert told CNN that a quick election in the summer during a global pandemic has angered many voters who can not identify a convincing ‘ballot question’ to justify the commitment. ”

Politics: Trudeau returns to power with minority grip on parliament

‘Some will say the 49-year-old prime minister lost his option. Others will argue that a victory is a gain.

The small margin of victory means Trudeau will continue to have to work with opposition parties to pass legislation and keep his government afloat.

When Trudeau triggered the election last month, opinion polls suggest his Liberals were within reach to regain the majority.

Trudeau proved to be more vulnerable than expected. ”

Washington Post: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win elections in Canada and lack majority

“The vote on Monday was a campaign that many here felt was unnecessary, failed to inspire great enthusiasm and featured ugly scenes of protesters – many of whom opposed coronavirus vaccines and vaccine mandates – screaming vulgarities against Trudeau and his family and at one point exclaimed him with gravel. ”

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