Gabby Petito’s comrade suspected of making phone calls before she disappeared

A friend of Gabby Petito’s said the two should meet in Yosemite National Park – but she never heard from the Long Island woman who has since disappeared.

Petito, 22, was due to meet her friend on August 29 at Yosemite and had to call her that day – her friend’s birthday – to nail down the details, The Sun reported.

But the friend never heard from Petito and is amazed that the Blue Point native would instead write to his mother the next day that she was in Yosemite – 800 miles from her last known spot in Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming.

On August 30, texting Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said she had no phone service at Yosemite – a message Schmidt is convinced did not come from her daughter.

“It’s all weird,” Petito’s friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the business. “My birthday is the 29th. I do not know why she would send that text [to her mom] and do not send me message.

Gabby Petito’s friend claims the missing 22-year-old would have called his mother “as soon as she had service.”Instagram

“I also don’t think she would write to her mother, ‘no service,'” she said. “In my opinion, she would call as soon as she had service.”

The friend has not yet spoken to police, The Sun reported.

A map showing the timeline of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie's road trip.
NY Post Illustration

Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, were on a cross-country trip together when she disappeared late last month, police said.

The couple had a fight in Utah on August 12 that was captured on police bodycam video.

Petito last posted on Instagram on August 25 and was reported missing by his mother on Long Island on Saturday.

Laundrie, who this week was identified as someone interested in the mysterious disappearance, arrived home in Petito’s Ford Transit van in 2012 on September 1 without his beauty – and has since refused to cooperate with police.

Petito’s friend told The Sun she was surprised her friend was blowing her, but “just assumed she was busy.

Police bodycam footage shows Gabby Petito on August 12, 2021.
Police bodycam footage shows Gabby Petito on August 12, 2021.
MOAB Police Department

“But then I saw the news,” she said. “Heartbreaking.”

“I considered Brian a friend,” she added. “But the truth will come out, and I hope for everyone’s sake sooner rather than later.”

She described Petito as “a happy person. She makes a mark on everyone she meets. Everyone would tell you that.”

“It’s so hard for me and especially the family, so stay focused on finding Gabby,” she said. “Please.”


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