Humans, climate change turning forests into carbon emissions themselves News about the climate crisis

Humans and climate change have transformed 10 of the world’s highest protected forests into carbon net emitters over the past 20 years, according to a new report. Land clearing and deforestation, as well as forest fires of increasing magnitude and severity, meant that forests released more carbon into the air than they stored, according to … Read more

Saudi Arabia asked companies to relocate their regional headquarters to Riyadh or lose business. It works.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia said 44 global companies are moving their regional headquarters to the capital Riyadh. The Kingdom boldly told companies in February that it would not do business with them if they did not move their headquarters there. Loading Something is loading. Expats and bankers previously denied it was “corporate bullying”, but it … Read more

North Korea is telling its citizens that food shortages will last until 2025

North Korea’s totalitarian government has asked its people to tighten their belts – literally – for at least another three years before Pyongyang plans to reopen the country’s border with China, Radio Free Asia reported this week. “Two weeks ago, they told the Neighborhood Watch meeting that our food emergency would continue until 2025,” a … Read more

Taiwan’s president confirms that US troops are training soldiers on the island – CNN

TAIPEI, Oct. 28 (Reuters) – A small number of U.S. forces are in Taiwan to train with Taiwanese soldiers, President Tsai Ing-wen said in an interview with CNN, confirming the presence of U.S. troops on the autonomous island, which China considers its own. Tensions between Taiwan and China, which have not ruled out taking the … Read more

Kevin McCarthy promises to ‘pass on to everyone’ Sean Hannity’s ‘Messages’ to Mitch McConnell

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised Fox News star Sean Hannity on Wednesday night that he would “pass on all your messages” after the pro-Trump host cried over Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “cave” on the recent rise in the debt ceiling . Hannity has recently been outraged at McConnell for letting Senate Democrats pass … Read more

Fishing row: French threats disappointing, says Frost – BBC News

Fishing rights row: French threats disappointing, says FrostBBC news France warns two British fishing boats in their waters in the wake of BrexitReuters The UK criticizes France’s Brexit threats to fisheries as tensions riseBloomberg What will journalists do with France’s Trump?Atlantic Ocean France publishes a list of possible sanctions against Britain in fisheriesReuters UK See … Read more

Israel reportedly had to cut off power to Palestinians in the West Bank due to debt

Israel Electric Corporation has reportedly threatened to start cutting electricity to Palestinian territories in the West Bank next week over about half a billion shekels ($ 157 million) in unpaid bills. From next Wednesday, rolling power outages will hit Ramallah, Bethlehem and other areas near Jerusalem for four hours each day until the debt is … Read more

Hong Kong adopts film censorship law to ‘protect national security’

China enacted a sweeping national security law over its most reticent city last year, and Hong Kong’s lawmaker has no opposition lawmakers left after mass resignation from the pro-democracy camp in protest of the expulsion of some colleagues. The Hong Kong government said the film censorship law was aimed at content considered to “support, support, … Read more