The Iron of Earth’s Inner Core Could Be in a Strange ‘Superionic’ State, Study Finds

Deep below the crust of Earth, past the thick mantle and liquid outer core, lies a 1,220-kilometer (760 mile) ball of solid inner core. But a new study has suggested that the inner core is not solid at all, instead forming a ‘superionic state’ with hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, making it unlike either a liquid … Read more

Australia: Newly discovered crocodile species ate a young dinosaur for its last meal, scientists say

The fossilized bones of a confractosuchus sauroktonos were excavated in 2010 from a sheep station near the Winton Formation, a geological rock bed that is about 95 million years old. Inside the stomach of the 2.5 meter-long crocodile, scientists identified the partly digested remnants of a young ornithopod, according to a paper naming the new … Read more

NASA Details Plans to Retire ISS, Use Private Stations

The American space agency NASA says it will keep supporting the International Space Station (ISS) through 2030. After that, it plans to retire the ISS and use privately developed stations. NASA recently released a report on its plans for transitioning from the ISS to one or more space stations that would be developed by private … Read more