Green Pass, against extension until the summer of 2022: here are the hypotheses being studied

Green Pass, ipotesi proroga fino all’estate 2022: ecco cosa sappiamo

At the end of the year, the state of emergency expires, but also the extended use of the green passport. If the former may not be extended, the government is beginning to consider extending the certification in the workplace. Among the possible strategies is an extension evaluated until the spring or until the beginning of … Read more

Catania, fear of MediCane’s return: cyclone turns into a hurricane – TGCOM

Catania, fear of MediCane’s return: cyclone turns into a hurricaneTGCOM Medicane: the tropical cyclone of the Mediterranean – Unomattina – 27/10/2021Rai The cyclone is scary in Catania, it is maximum alarm: one of the victims was a native of FloridiaNew South Hurricane risk in Sicily, Medicane arrives: winds over 100 km per hour and waves … Read more

variable Wednesday, rain Thursday, bad weather Friday «3B Meteo

October 27, 2021malm 23:453BMeteo editorial staff reading time1 minute, 13 seconds Reggio Calabria weather forecast Reggio Calabria Weather Forecast Wednesday, October 27: Scattered clouds, alternating with clear periods during the day with a tendency for broad clearing in the evening, no rain is expected. During the day today the maximum recorded temperature will be 23 … Read more

Denise Pipitone, Anna Corona intercepted: “It was me and Joseph” – Chronicle

Denise Pipitone at 4, left the simulation of ‘Age Progression’ (Facebook) Mazara del Vallo, October 27, 2021 – The Lawyers of Piera Maggio they are betting on new ones eavesdropping to demonstrate involvement of Anna Corona in seizure of Denise Pipitone and request that the investigations remain open. In particular, the civil party’s lawyers representing … Read more

Sicily, Medicane nightmare: what is the Mediterranean hurricane. “The blame for warming the sea”

Catania, October 27, 2021 – The Sicily Are you state of emergency. The strong bad weather caused extensive damage to the entire area of ​​the province Catania, two people died due to rivers of water and mud in the streets. Fabrizio Curcio, Head of Civil protection, he assured that “the national system is present and … Read more