The Initial Rust Infrastructure Has Been Merged Into Linux 6.1


As a follow-up to the Rust infrastructure pull request for Linux 6.1, Linus Torvalds pulled the initial Rust code into the mainline Linux kernel this evening.

As of a short time ago, the initial Rust infrastructure code has been merged into the mainline Git tree for Linux 6.1.

This was widely expected to happen with Torvalds previously expressing such plans, while as recently as this weekend there were still some Linux users in dissent over the ideas of the Rust programming language support for the Linux kernel. But now it has landed.

This initial 12.5k lines of new code just provides the basic infrastructure and some very basic integration while future pull requests will add more subsystem abstractions, various Rust-written drivers, and more. Building the Linux kernel with the Rust support remains optional.

The merge happened here a few minutes ago.

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